Virtual Towing Tank & Wind Tunnel

Cape Horn Engineering, reading the new wind

Cape Horn Engineering, founded 2007 by Dr.-Ing. Rodrigo Azcueta and currently based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, has world-class expertise on marine CFD and industrial experience supporting both America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race projects. Our methods have been proven time and again in a wide variety of marine applications including sailing yachts, power boats, high speed vessels, planing craft, advanced and unconventional hulls, commercial cargo ships and offshore platforms.

Our system has been developed in the America's Cup environment, which requires rigorous testing and validation to remain competitive at the highest level. The difference between two design candidates can be smaller than the experimental error in running the same towing tank test twice. Numerical simulations eliminate this problem and offer fundamental advantages over physical testing: the ability to use full scale models, easy ways to understand and visualize flow phenomena and save time and money.

At Cape Horn Engineering we are very proud to continue our involvement for America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race campaigns. Our latest projects have relied solely on CFD and show that tank tests are now unnecessary. Now, a new level of refinement and optimization is ready to be applied to new projects. Our references, know-how, 3 consecutive Volvo Ocean Race wins and our new engagement with Ben Ainslie Racing in the America's Cup speak for themselves.


  • The yacht design community
  • The marine industry in general
  • The offshore industry
  • Research programs
  • Renewable Energies

Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics

  • Wave induced motions and loads
  • Calm water performance
  • Appendage optimization
  • Sails and rig optimization
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